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Tiny Intruders: Exploring the Top 10 Parasites That Might Be Affecting Your Health By Simone Kelly

!!!Cringe Alert!!!

I tried to make it a fun read for you,  but you might need a Benadryl after this one. lol 

As I child, although I wasn’t chubby, I was pretty darn greedy. I would love to come home famished after school and eat two big bowls of Frosted Flakes with sliced bananas. I needed my energy to do my homework, right?  Well, not until I relaxed a bit while watching cartoons like Jem, He-Man, and Thundercats. (My Gen X’ers get me! lol)

 There were many times,   my good friend Tee and I would even make breakfast after school and eat a whole loaf of bread, pancakes,  bacon and eggs,  together.  Breakfast was what growing pre-teens were masters at.  So, when my mom would come home and see that her only child raided the fridge, her favorite thing to say to me was…

Insert Jamaican angry accent

“Simone, what is wrong with you? You must ‘ave worms or sometin!”

 I would laugh,  but never really understood what she was talking about. However, one day she explained to me that when you have worms, you are always hungry. They are hatching in your intestines and feeding off of what you ate. Eww, I know!   Then to make matters worse,  she told me the story (brace yourself) about my Auntie having a strange tickle in her throat for a while and one day she  finally coughed up an extremely long tape worm! I would have lost it. I mean, seriously put me in a straight jacket!  Even before writing this, I had to confirm again with her to make sure it wasn’t just a good story. But it’s all true. 

My Auntie said, “Well, back in those days in Jamaica, we would just rub off a mango right from the tree and if it looked clean, we’d just eat it, not knowing it might have had something in it.” My auntie had no idea how long that thing was hanging out inside of her. ~Shivers~ That’s why I cringe when I see people just popping dirty grapes into their mouth as they shop in the supermarket.  In this article,  I want to break it all down for you, so you hopefully will never do that and learn more about what dangers parasites can cause. 

Let’s Get into These Silent Invaders

Have you ever felt like you have uninvited guests lurking around? No, we’re not talking about your stalker exes who show up unannounced. We’re talking about parasites! Tapeworms are just one kind I knew of growing up, but there are so many more it’s pretty frightening. These tiny freeloaders can turn our bodies into their personal playgrounds, and while the thought might make your skin crawl, (like mine is as I type this, but I warned you…) It’s important to know a bit about these microscopic invaders. So, let’s embark on a lighthearted yet informative journey into the world of human parasites.

How Common Are Parasites?

It’s crazy to note that you don’t have to be living in a cave  or a third world country to get parasites.  It’s estimated that around 3.5 billion people worldwide are affected by intestinal parasites alone. In the United States, around 60 million people suffer from toxoplasmosis, with many not even realizing it!

Meet the Top 10 Human Parasites

  1. Giardia - Often found in contaminated water, this protozoa causes giardiasis.
  2. Hookworms - These sneaky worms can enter your body through your skin, often from walking barefoot. My mom used to tell me to stop doing this and now EARTHING aka Grounding has become popular lately, however  be mindful of where you do it! The important factor in getting the disease is walking barefoot on ground where there are feces of people who are infected with hookworm. The larvae (immature form of the worm) enter the skin. The larvae move to the lungs via the bloodstream and enter the airways.)
  3. Tapeworms - These long, flat worms can grow up to 30 feet in your intestines.(The long hitchhiker that  my Auntie coughed up.)
  4. Roundworms - Commonly found in soil, they can cause a condition known as ascariasis.
  5. Pinworms - These tiny worms are most notorious among school-aged children.
  6. Toxoplasma gondii - Often spread through cat feces, it can cause toxoplasmosis.
  7. Trichinella - Found in undercooked meat, particularly pork, leading to trichinosis.
  8. Lice - These small insects infest your scalp and cause intense itching.
  9. Scabies - Mites that burrow into your skin, causing a bumpy, itchy rash.
  10. Malaria (Plasmodium) - Spread by mosquitoes, this parasite attacks red blood cells.

      How Parasites Impact Your Health 

      While some parasites are relatively harmless, others can wreak havoc on your health. Here’s a glimpse of what these tiny invaders can do:

      • Digestive Issues: Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea are common symptoms.
      • Nutritional Deficiencies: Parasites can steal nutrients from your body, leading to deficiencies.
      • Weight Loss: Unintended weight loss can occur as parasites feed off your nutrients.
      • Fatigue: Constant tiredness is often reported, as your body fights off the infection.
      • Skin Problems: Rashes, itching, and sores are common with parasites like scabies and lice.
      • Immune System Suppression: Some parasites can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to other illnesses.


      Symptoms of a Parasite Infection

      Symptoms of a parasitic infection can be varied and sometimes vague, but here are some common ones to watch out for:

      • Persistent digestive issues (diarrhea, bloating, gas)
      • Unexplained weight loss
      • Fatigue and weakness
      • Skin rashes or itching
      • Abdominal pain
      • Muscle and joint pain
      • Fever
      • Headaches
      • Salt cravings

      How Do People Get Parasites? Here Are 15 Common Ways:

      1. Drinking contaminated water
      2. Eating undercooked or raw meat
      3. Consuming unwashed fruits and vegetables
      4. Walking barefoot on contaminated soil
      5. Close contact with infected animals 
      6. Poor hygiene (not washing hands)
      7. Traveling to areas with poor sanitation
      8. Swimming in contaminated water
      9. Close contact with an infected person
      10. Using contaminated utensils or kitchen tools
      11. Insect bites (especially mosquitoes)
      12. Exposure to human waste (e.g., changing diapers)
      13. Poorly handled food by infected food handlers
      14. Sexual contact with an infected person
      15. Living in or visiting areas with high parasite prevalence

        The Benefits of a Detox

        Seasonal detoxing to rid your body of parasites can be extremely  beneficial. Here’s why:

        • Improved Digestive Health: Clearing parasites can resolve issues like bloating, gas, and diarrhea.
        • Increased Energy: With parasites gone, your body can better absorb nutrients, boosting your energy levels.
        • Better Immune Function: A parasite-free body can fight off infections more effectively.
        • Clearer Skin: Many people report fewer skin issues after detoxing and even having a healthy glow.
        • Weight Management: Eliminating parasites can help you maintain a healthy weight and drop some pounds -especially in the bathroom. Most of the time it’s not weight but waste.
        • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Many find their concentration and mental sharpness improve post-detox.
        • Overall Well-being: Without parasites draining your resources, you’ll likely feel better overall.

           While parasites are a common and sometimes pesky part of life, understanding them and knowing how to protect yourself can make a world of difference.  A good detox regimen, improved hygiene, and being mindful of what you consume can keep these microscopic invaders at bay.

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          Cheers to here’s to a healthier, parasite-free you! Join me and let’s get rid of any unwanted visitors today. 


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